Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 1
NYC with a Trump Birdie
  • Jet service into New York.
  • Limo Pickup to Trumps Penthouse Suite.
  • Limousine tour of Trumps world, See Trump's Buildings, ect.
  • Catch a Broadway show after dinner.
  • Saturday Morning Helicopter tour of Trump World & Big Apple (optional, Inquire within).
  • Then Helicopter to Trump's Private Golf Course for a round of 18 holes with Donald Trump (optional, Inquire within).
  • Take Helicopter back to your penthouse suite in the Trump Hotel.
  • Take a behind the scenes tour of Trump's Casino's (Atlantic city).
  • Saturday Night have dinner & show at the Casino.
  • Sunday enjoy a top of the line spa treatment.
  • After your spa take a helicopter ride back to New York.

Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 2
Exclusive Palm Beach Weekend
  • Friday Private Jet to Palm Beach.
  • Limousine to the most spectacular private mansion in the world - Celebrity Club.
  • Saturday Morning limousine Trump International Golf Course (Optional).
  • Play eighteen holes with Donald (optional, Inquire within).
  • Saturday night Dinner poolside at the mansion.
  • After dinner enjoy a limo around beautiful Palm Beach.
  • Sunday morning go poolside at the the mansion followed by a spa treatment then lunch.
  • Sunday Night Jet back Home


Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 3
LA Ultimate Weekend
  • Private Jet to Pebble Beach stay at the lodge.
  • Saturday Morning Helicopter tour of the LA coastline.
  • Ride around LA in a Exotic Car of your choice.
  • Then cruise the seas in a Yacht.
  • Saturday Go to a Incredible Spa followed by a Dinner Cliff Side.
  • Sunday play a round of golf .
  • After golf you return home by Private Jet.


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The White House
Costa Rica


With its private location in the hills of San Antonio de Escazú and a magnificent view overlooking 3 volcanoes and the entire San José metropolitan area, White House Hotel, Restaurant & SPA is the ideal destination for those travelers seeking luxurious accommodations, personalized service, and fine dining during their stay in Costa Rica.


  • Limosine or Helicopter to & from airport.
  • Limosine & Helicopter Tours.
  • Private Tours.
  • Private Concierge.
  • Ultimate Sport Fishing.
  • Capital Grill Steak House.
  • Cigar Bar.

Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 4
Aspen Winter Wonderland
  • Jet service into Aspen.
  • Limousine service to Little Nell or St. Regis.
  • Saturday Helicopter Skiing on all the Aspen Mountains.
  • Snowmobiling, Snowcat to the back country.
  • .Saturday night Go to the private club Caribou.
  • Take a ride in the Ultimate taxi .
  • Sunday Morning Dogsled or Horse & sleigh.
  • Return Home


Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 5
Yacht Charter to Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas

  • Private jet to Nassau Bahamas.
  • Limousine to world famous Atlantis Resort & Casino.
  • Friday Night dinner at Ocean Club.
  • Then a night of Gambling, dancing, ect.
  • Saturday Breakfast.
  • Private 40ft Cigarette to tour the islands.
  • Saturday Night dinner at Ocean club or Atlantis.
  • Sunday Morning Hit 18 holes at one of the Bahamas finest Golf Courses.
  • Followed by a day of poolside activities and spa treatments.
  • Sunday night return home.

Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 6
An unforgettable weekend in Vegas
  • Jet service into Vegas.
  • Stay at the Bellagio Suite.
  • Enjoy the luxury of a full time chauffeur.
  • Saturday Go on a behind the scenes tour of the Casinos.
  • Go on a off road tour in a Hummer.
  • Take a Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.
  • Saturday night go to the hottest clubs or Shows.
  • Sunday Morning play a round of golf.
  • Sunday afternoon ride around Vegas in a Exotic Car.
  • Return Home.


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Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 7
Sunshine & Fun in South Beach, FL
  • Jet service into S. Florida.
  • Stay at your choice of one South Beach's Premiere Hotels.
  • Helicopter or Off Shore Race boat tour of the coast.
  • Friday night Dinner at a five star restaurant.
  • Followed by VIP access into one of South Beach's Clubs.
  • Saturday Tour the Versace Mansion.
  • Saturday night yacht charter and firework display.
  • Sunday ride in a fighter jet.
  • Return Home.

Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 8
Hollywood weekend with the Stars
  • Jet service to LA.
  • Limousine to a 5 star Hotel.
  • Enjoy the luxury of a full time chauffeur.
  • Golf with the Celebrities.
  • Tour of the Hollywood Studios.
  • Week Night at the Jay Leno Show.
  • Saturday take a helicopter or limo tour of the celebrities mansions.
  • Shopping, Spa & lunch on Rodeo Drive.
  • Saturday night yacht charter and firework display.
  • Sunday Tour the Private Celebrity Mansion.
  • VIP Access to the night clubs.
  • Return Home.

Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 9
Bermuda Weekend
  • Jet Service to Bermuda.
  • Stay at the South Hampton Princess Hotel.
  • Dinner at Michael Douglas's Resort.
  • Saturday Reef tour.
  • Dinner at a five star Restaurant.
  • Saturday night stay at the Michael Douglas Resort.
  • Sunday Play a round of golf .
  • Return Home.

Incredible Exotic Itineraries # 10
Live Like the Amish "Reality Check"
  • Jet service to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Limousine or Helicopter to the farm.
  • Live with the Amish, Horse & Buggy, Lanterns, Milking cows, ect.
  • Wear the clothes.
  • Be in bed by 8pm and up at 5am.
  • Limousine or Helicopter to airport.
  • .Return home.


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Destination Dolphins
Helicopter tour an transport to swim with Key Largo's legendary dolphins
  • Limousine pickup to private helicopter for a breathtaking skyway tour of South Florida's most popular landmarks, celebrity estates, and other key attractions.
  • Swim with the dolphins at Key Largo's spectacular marine center.
  • Casual "island-style" lunch at the landmark oceanfront Key Largo Marriott.
  • Private hotel room access to dress for afternoon return south to Marathon Airport, transfer to seaplane for a private Island seaside dinner. (unforgetable).
  • Sunset champagne helicopter tour of the South Florida coastline.
  • Limousine return.

Jet Golf
Three day jet charter to 1-3 of the best golf courses of your choice in Florida.
  • Limousine pickup to the airport for a private jet charter to any of the top golf courses of your choice.
  • Golf some of the most amazing and beautiful courses you've ever experienced in the lovely Florida sunshine.
  • Enjoy the exquisite meals at some of the best waterfront restaurants in the state.
  • Scenic jet charter over the coastline of Florida on your return flight.
  • Limousine return.

Stunt plane ride and South Florida aerial tour.
  • Limousine pickup to Fort Lauderdale airport facility for preflight briefing.
  • Hour-long ride abroad on the three state-of-the-art stunt planes - dives, rolls and climbs make for an unforgettable experience.
  • Limousine pickup for lunch at one of Fort Lauderdale's most popular waterfront restaurants.
  • Limousine return.


007 Mission
Helicopter transport to race boat for tour of Miami waterways.
  • Limousine pickup for private helicopter tour of both the Fort Lauderdale and Miami skylines.
  • Land and take an air boat tour of the Florida Everglades with the alligators
    land at Watson's Island, rendezvous with private race boat for a thrilling behind-the-scenes tour through South Beach waterways.
  • Lunch at one of South Beaches most popular waterfront restaurants.
  • Resume race boat tour.
  • Return to Watson's Island for helicopter transport to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Limousine return.

"Pretty Woman" Manhattan Getaway
Lear jet transport and limousine escort to and around New York City for an unforgettable evening of fine dining and world-class theater.
  • Limousine pickup to private Lear Jet for your flight to New York City. (hors d' oeuvres and champagne included).
  • Transport to Manhattan's legendary theater district where a memorable evening for two begins.
  • Premium theater tickets to one of Broadway's most popular shows.
  • Dinner at one of the city's finest restaurants.
  • Limousine pickup to Lear Jet for return flight.
  • Limousine return.


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Helicopter sightseeing tour - Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach & Miami.
  • Limousine pickup to private helicopter for a spectacular skyway tour of South Florida.
  • Lunch at Famous Sunday's on the Bay in Key Biscayne.
  • Aerial views of the most popular landmarks, celebrity estates, beautiful South Florida waterways, and other key attractions.
  • Cocktails and dinner at Fort Lauderdale's legendary Burt & Jacks restaurant for an unforgettable evening of fine cuisine.
  • Limousine return.

Treasure Island
Seaplane transport to secluded Little Palm Island in the beautiful Florida Keys.
  • Limousine pickup to seaplane for transport to your private bungalow suite on Little Palm Island off little Torch Key. A private island enclave surrounded by pristine Looe Key Marine Sanctuary.
  • Water sports include: waterbikes, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, day sailors and a sunset cruise. Special land tours are also available.
  • Three gourmet meals included each day.
  • Seaplane transport to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Dinner tables in the beautiful white sand surrounded by fiery tiki torches.


Top Gun
Fly a fighter jet!
  • Limousine pickup to private Helicopter.
  • Helicopter south into marathon into FL keys
  • L39 Albatross Fighter jet Preflight briefing and manned hour-long demonstration flight in a fighter jet - both level wings and aerobatics - followed by "unassisted" flying time contingent on each individual's ability and skill level.
  • Included: equipment (helmet, flight suit, parachute, oxygen mask).
  • See plane to private island for a sea side dinner.
  • Return flight.
  • Limousine return.

Any of these Itineraries can be tailored to your specifications

Extreme Paintball


Millionaire's Concierge USA will pick you up in Hummer Limo, then take you on the Ultimate Paintball Adventure In our 10 million dollar facility. Experience the ADVENTURE on real hollywood sets like The Mummy Returns & Terminator 3. This is not your regular day of Paintball, this is a role playing Adventure of a lifetime! Our highly trained Commandos take you threw the greatset role playing adventure you have ever had. Face DEA as they try to break up your smuggling ring, see if you have what it takes to save the President and Much More. Don't worry about the Gals, the Hummer Limo will escort them from your beach front Resort to the world renowned shopping at Orange County's South Coast Plaza. Then return by limo Experience the ALL DAY ADRENALINE! Why settle for video games? Play the real thing today!

Alaska Fishing


As an exclusive oceanfront fishing resort, Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge is a sportsman's paradise. This world-class salt and freshwater fishing destination
bears the elite endorsement as an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge - demonstrating its exceptional facilities and commitment to excellence.

Lodge guests receive first-class accommodations, dine on gourmet cuisine, and experience breathtaking views that exhibit Alaska's majesty. The trophy-class fishing, exhilarating wildlife and spectacular scenery make Alaska's 5-star adventure an outdoorsman's dream and a uniquely relaxing getaway for all.

Sea plane transportation to and from Lodge


Contact: Tai Srichan (President) for all of
Your Questions & Special Requests.
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Zero Gravity Experience

Zero Gravity Corporation is the first FAA-approved weightless flight experience for the general public. The ZERO-G Experience (TM) is a full-day program led by a veteran astronaut, and gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of weightless flight. The ZERO-G Experience is similar to astronaut training and how Tom Hanks floated in the filming of Apollo 13. "Flyers" undergo a 2-hour preflight briefing at 5 star Hotel, and then are escorted to a private aircraft facility at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to board G-FORCE ONE, a specially modified B-727 in which the ZERO-G Experience takes place. Limozine pick-up and return. Zero Gravity Corporation is led by Dr. Peter Diamandis, who is also the chairman of the X-PRIZE Foundation, with a world-class team of veteran astronauts, former NASA executives and business leaders.

VIP Office Depot Center
Concerts, ect.
  • Helicopter transportation to and from Arena.
  • VIP Meet & Greet into Areana.
  • Five-star food and beverage for every event.
  • VIP Club parking.
  • Executive concierge services.
  • Private business services and lounge area.
  • Private restrooms.

VIP ACCESS: The Private Club is your VIP access to the brightest stars, including Madonna, Bette Midler, Shania Twain, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Barry Manilow

Tiki Beach Boat
  • 2 Decks
  • 3 Bars
  • Maximum people 150
  • Sand covered dance floors, Sand swept outdoor dance floor
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cabana Beds
  • Over 20 Palm trees
  • Bamboo Umbrellas & Tiki huts throughout

Nothing in the world like it!

Any of these Itineraries can be tailored to your specifications

Off The Beaten Path
Off-road Hummer tour to Lake Mead for a thrilling Jet-Ski adventure.
  • Limousine pickup to the Nevada desert.
  • Off-road Hummer tour through tough terrain and tight canyons, down to Lake Mead.
  • Blastoff on your own personal Jet-Ski across the crystal clear water of Lake Mead and get a glimpse of Hoover Dam.
  • Limousine return.


Grand Whirl
Helicopter flight from Las Vegas over the Grand Canyon.
  • Limousine pickup to private helicopter.
  • Experience a breathtaking helicopter flight while soaring over the Grand Canyon.
  • Descent 4,000 feet past spectacular rock formations in the canyon and land at the bottom to encounter the solitude and grandeur of the canyon floor.
  • Helicopter flight return over the Las Vegas strip.
  • Limousine return.


Cloud 9
A hot air balloon ride over Vegas.
  • Limousine pickup to the balloon launch site.
  • Drift through the sky at sunrise or sunset over the beautiful Nevada landscape.
  • Enjoy the magnificent view with those you love.
  • Champagne and hors d' oeuvres served.
  • Limousine pickup for lunch or dinner at one of the city's most popular restaurants.
  • Limousine return.

Island Hopper Chopper
  • Helicopter transport to Atlantis.
  • Helicopter tours of Nassau and Exuma Islands.
  • Airport Transfers, Millionaire - Nassau - Jet Center - Nassau.
  • Soar above all the beautiful island waters.
  • Blue lagoon stingray adventure.
  • Paradise Island sight seeing.
  • Harbor Island escape.


Sea Dream !
  • 14 to 42 days from Europe to South America. The long voyages will have no ports repeated and no more than three consecutive days at sea on SeaDream I.

Heliskiing in the Canadian Wilderness
  • Tempted by the idea of skiing your own mountain with up to 8 of your closest friends.
  • A limousine and helicopter airport transfer will take up to 8 guests to a private luxury log chalet nestled between giant fir trees and majestic mountain peaks.
  • Exclusivity of a private helicopter, pilot, guide with unlimited vertical; allowing you to ski/board as little or as much as you wish.

Perfectly spaced glades, wide open glaciers -


Any of these Itineraries can be tailored to your specifications


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